Friday, 25 July 2014

How to Clean Leather Shoes

1.        Find out whether the leather is finished or unfinished
You should look on the shoe tag or on the shoe box. Untreated leather requires different cleansers than treated leather. SCHUHSTER’s leather shoes are treated.

2.        Remove caked on dirt or stains with a soft brush
Rub the brush against the surface of the shoes until it loosens.

3.        Rub a clean, dry cloth against the entire surface of the leather shoes

4.        Dampen the cloth lightly
Wipe it against the surface of the shoes with the grain of the leather. Only do this with finished leather.
  • Treat unfinished leather with saddle soap. It is available in most shoe and tack stores. Dampen a cloth; rub some saddle soap onto it and rub together to get a lather. Apply the lather to the shoes, while rubbing gently. Wipe away the lather. Let the shoes dry completely inside. 

5.        Allow the leather to dry completely, by placing it in open air inside
Do not place the shoes near a heater or in the sunlight. Both can cause cracking and discolouration.

6.      Treat the leather
·   Apply cream polish in the same colour as the shoes, if you are cleaning finished leather. Leather polish is available in most shoe stores. Apply the cream polish with a soft cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes, then buff to a shine with a clean soft cloth or soft brush. Add a drop of water to the soft cloth to bring to a shine.

·     Apply an oil like mink oil to unfinished leather. This helps preserve the leather. Apply with a clean cloth. Buff with a clean soft cloth.

7.       Store leather shoes outside of the box
Give them a day's rest in between wearing them to allow them to air out. With these steps, they will last longer.

8.       COVER with a Cloth or a Shoe Bag

A shoe bag or cloth cover will prevent any accumulation of dust or dirt, which can cause drying, ensuring that your shoes are dust-free the next time you wear them. A cloth or cotton shoe bag is particularly essential for those special-occasion pairs in your closet that may get less attention and wear than those that are worn on a near-daily basis.

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