Monday, 29 September 2014

Bring Out the Elegance In You

The days where your mom buying clothes for you are over!!  So stick to the few tips below and you will never go wrong.

1. No more baggy shirts (XL, L, M). There's a size call "slim fit".

2.  Are you buying it because it's cheap or because it brings out the elegant touch in you?
     Quality and stylish clothes are good investment especially for entrepreneurs. Impression counts.

3. Choose the right fabric. Cotton gives you a crisp look. Don't look for shirts that needs no ironing.
    Those shirts hangs like a drape on you. SLOPPY.

4.Your suit need not be one size bigger to feel comfortable to wear. Tailor your suit if you need to.

5.  Accessories make a difference.  Cuff links, timepiece and belt can make or break your outfit. Rule of thumb:  Keep it simple.

6. Your shorts need not be black all the time. But match it with shoes please, not thongs.

7. Invest in a few good pairs of shoes for different occasion. Shoes that can boost your confidence by giving you a few inches taller. SCHUHSTER - The Specialist in Men's Height Increasing Shoes has quality and comfortable formal and casual shoes. It's not just for short men. You can look 6 feet tall.

8.  Baggy, holey, unnaturally faded jeans are not what James Bond would wear. Keep it fit and simple. You will look impeccable regardless of age.

9. No more Justin Bieber, flipping your hair every few minutes. Keep it short and tidy - timeless style.

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